The firms Crisol de Frutos Secos S.A.T. and Arboreto S.A.T. Ltda., two organizations of nut producers of reference in Spain are associating under the name of CRISOLAR with the aim to commercialize the crops of its associated growers.
Crisol and Arboreto manage the crops of more than 28,000 associated growers, from approximately 141,000 cultivated hectares, from which a 94% are almond trees and the rest are hazelnut, pistachio, walnut and carob trees.Since their establishment, the two organizations have reached their main objective: concentrate the production and guarantee the commercialization of their associated growers’ crops. They have also played a crucial role in the development of the sector, providing solutions and new projects with the goal of achieving improvements in the productive field and the commercialization of nuts. The two companies were established 25 years ago in order to reorganize the sector and nowadays they are still indispensable for its improvement and progress; because of their professional career, experience, structure and proximity to the growers, they are, undoubtedly, great experts in the field and its needs.
The purpose of Crisol and Arboreto is that of increasing their professional features to Growers and Industrials (agri-food industry)
CRISOL and ARBORETO present a strong and consolidated Services Section to manage any needs related to the growers’ agricultural activity.

They provide the grower with:

  • A Sales team that guarantees the crops’ marketing and promotes the consumption of our associated growers’ nuts.
  • An expert Technical Department devoted to the management of nut farmland. Application and procession of aids and subsidies from the Public Administration and insurance mediation.
  • Own nurseries in which the main varieties of almond tree are grown.
  • Agri-food laboratory specialized in the realization of soil, water and plant elements analytics (AgriLAB), in order to establish personalized fertilizers’ plans.
  • Technical Food and Agricultural Engineering (ITACA), that carries out agri-food projects.
  • Distribution net of phytosanitary products and fertilizers (Porporas)
  • Own estates in exploitation.

We are concerned about good praxis in the countryside and for that reason we organize training sessions of fertilization, pruning, treatments and agri-food security.

Proximity, continued work and personalized treatment to the growers are the most remarkable features of our work. Working this way allows us to identify, detect and offer adequate and necessary solutions to satisfy our customers’ needs.

Our technical team has extensive professional experience and our activity involves all kind of Technical Advice aimed at professionals of agricultural holdings. We guarantee complete compliance of laws and regulations and monitoring of the different competent bodies until the obtention of the purposes intended.

Under this name we present a Trade Structure to supply any needs for the Agri-food Industry.

It provides the Industrial with:

  • A complete line of products derived from our growers’ nuts: with skin, skinned, semi-processed and processed for industrial use.
  • A Sales Team and After-sales Service that ensures maximum customer satisfaction. Dedication, knowledge and professionalism are the tools of our team.
  • A Quality Department focused on maintaining the highest quality standards. Quality is the responsibility of all the employees of the group.
  • A Marketing team whose work is the creation of campaigns to promote the benefits of nut consumption.

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